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       As interest in Buddhist Studies has grown dramatically throughout Western universities and colleges, so has the depth and variety of resources available to educators of Buddhism. Changes in perspective in many areas of academic life are influencing teaching methods and course content in all academic disciplines. Over the past few decades, colleges and universities have increasingly offered courses on Buddhism, or at the very least taught Buddhism within the context of courses on world religions. The past ten to fifteen years have witnessed a significant increase in the number of books that can be used as textbooks in such courses, and more recently, other kinds of teaching materials, such as videos, CD-ROMs and on-line venues, have become more common. In addition to such teaching tools, Buddhist Studies programs have evolved that offer a substantial experiential component provided by workshops, field trips and extensive travel. 
        Teaching Buddhism explores different theoretical and practical approaches to the academic teaching of Buddhism. The site includes papers presented by the scholars at the conference hosted by McGill Religious Studies in October of 1999, Teaching Buddhism: The State of the Art. Additionally, Teaching Buddhism documents the kinds of resources available to teachers and provides syllabi, articles on teaching Buddhism, textbook and film reviews, art resources, and on-line Buddhist texts and journals. The site also provides information about language learning tools, Information Technology tools, and Buddhist Studies programs.
       While the principal focus of the web site is on the teaching of Buddhism, it will also include information on graduate supervision and on the research carried out by scholars in the field.

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